Meet DCM Transport, Inc’s internal team which includes members from Dispatch, Marketing, Recruiting, Payroll, Shop, Safety, Sales and Human Resources.  This team consists of a cross-functional group of people, each with special expertise, working hard towards a common goal.  Multitasking, problem solving and collaborating, DCM Transport’s internal team is driven every day to meet one goal – taking care of our customers and our drivers.

Everyone on this team serves our customers; either directly or indirectly.  A big part of that is taking care of our truck drivers, the backbone of our company and this country! We’d love to hear from you! Contact members of our team directly, below:

Douglas C. Moore Terri Moore
Sales Accounts Payable
dmoore@dcmtransport.com tmoore@dcmtransport.com
Bonnie Mason Becky Young
Payroll & Compliance Marketing & Recruiting Manager
bmason@dcmtransport.com byoung@dcmtransport.com
Kris Davis Lisa Roberts
Billing/Safety Operations/Dispatch/ELog Compliance
kdavis@dcmtransport.com lroberts@dcmtransport.com
Jeff Knight Cindy Blue
Shop Supervisor Customer Service/Operations
shop@dcmtransport.com cblue@dcmtransport.com
Wanda Schreck Angie Johnson
Shop Coordinator Dispatcher
wschreck@dcmtransport.com ajohnson@dcmtransport.com